I Dub Thee Knight Errant

Mission Parameters:

Remain undercover
Acquire KE training manual and any recording or samples of Ares prototype weapons
Additional info will be sent once you pass the boot camp


Depends on what you are able to acquire
1000 nuyen each per week as recruit for 10 weeks
4000 nuyen each per week as OSP agent for 1 week

90,000 nuyen for the info on the aliens (18.000 each)
25,000 for the samples and the prototypes. (5000 each)

2 Gauss Rilfe prototypes
2 Redline laser pistols
2 Sonic Rifle prototypes
2 Ares Executioner Briefcases
1 Ares Venture
1 Med drone
Data on Grace’s Commlink


Knight Errant Graduation: 2 Karma
Renraku Arcology: 4 Karma
OSP: 5 Karma

I Dub Thee Knight Errant

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