Eye Witness


50,000 for the finding the Killer
45,000 for the Blue Print

9 total
2 for survivng
2 for finding the killer
2 for brokering a deal to make multitech pay for Neil’s death
1 for defusing the bomb
2 for number of sessions (number of sessions -1)

3 x Ares Predator, Jaiyana Collector’s Edition – Jax
2 x HK-227 SMG
3 x clip Ex SMG ammo – André
3 x clip gel SMG ammo – André
Ares Desert Strike – André
Ares Light Fire 70
High noise reduction smartgun – André
Cyberware scanner – (someone took this, right?) Yes – don’t know who, I can hold it if you want
Cyberdeck rating 1 with prototype swapping chip modification – Grace
4 modules – Grace
Winston’s slivergun
Neil’s personal effects
Bomb, slightly exploded
Cybereye, ditto

After Grace switches out the swapping chip mod to her deck Roy wants the cyberdeck. Thought Roy already had a Hermes Chariot? Why does he want a second deck?

Eye Witness

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