A Fistful of Karma

You have stepped from a world of cyberpunk into a world of cowpunk


Metaplane Rules

  • All gear changes to fit a steampunk Old Western metaphor
  • Armor changes into a leather duster
  • No recoil technology exists, real cowboys only need one shot
  • A revolver can be quick-drawn from any holster
  • A grazing hit by a bullet puts a hole in your Stetson


  • Your highest vehicle skill changes to become a Riding skill
  • Your computer skills change into perform music skill

Cyberware And Bioware

  • Cyberlimbs: Transform into something resembling medieval armor with additional touches of Victorian technology such as rivets, polished brass fittings, hydraulic pistons. All cyberlimbs has cyberhands that can be detached as a complex action. There are 4 types of cyberhands: regular hand, knife hand (hand razors), sword hand (spurs), gun hand (any implanted gun). Cyberguns gain +1 pistol dice and +1 accuracy.
  • Cyber Power sources: Cyberlimbs, wired reflexes and similar devices require mechanical energy to function. If you don’t use any special bonuses or powers, they cyberware functions for an indefinite period without needing recharging. When using any special bonuses or powers the cyberware functions for a number of combat turns equal to your unmodified body attribute. To recharge the cyberware you must wind up the clockwork powering the cyberware by turning a large key in a socket in your breastbone. Make a strength check, each success achieves enough power for 1 Combat turn (limited by your body attribute). This charges up all cyberware you may have.
  • Cyberoptics: Transform into various lens that can be rotated around a mounted brass housing riveted over your eye socket. Only one lens can be used at once. Rotating a lens in a simple action for a cybereye, a complex action for googles.
Lens Color Effect
Clear Normal eyesight
Green Flare Comp
Gray Low-light
Blue Smartgun
Amber Telescopic
Red Thermograpic
Purple Vision Enhancement
  • Riggers: All riggers drones turn into appropriate animals that they can control. All drones must be feed in order to function. The cost of this is one meal per day per drone.
  • Cyberdecks: Transform into a musical item of choice. Deckers can control animals with their music. Make a Music + Charisma check versus the animals will power + intuition. The number of net hits is the number of combat turns the decker can control the animal. The decker can do this a number of times equal to his charisma score. The creative juices can be restored with a drink of alcohol. Beer restores 1 use, wine 2 uses and dragon breath fully restores all uses of this ability.
  • Bioware: Any bioware transforms into some sort of animal bond. An animal bond is some symbolically appropriate animal that has been magically grafted onto the character. Muscle implants might be tawny striped fur covering the character’s biceps. Boosts to charisma might be a forked tongue (damn snake oil salesmen). In order to power the animal bonds the character must gorge on several pounds of meat. This basically means the character needs to eat an extra meal each day consisting of meat.


Type Range Skill Acc DMG AP Modes Ammo Cost Original Weapon
Derringer Hold Out Pistol 4P - SS* 2b $5 Hold Out, Tasers
Light Revolver Light Pistol Pistol 7 6P - SA 6cy $10 Light Pistols
Heavy Revolver Heavy Pistol Pistol 5 8P -1 SS 6cy $12 Heavy Pistols
Carbine SMG Automatics 5 6P - SA/BF 8m $6 SMG, machine pistols
Light Rifle Assault Rifle Automatics 5 8P - SA 16m $12 Assault Rifles
Heavy Rifle Rifles Long Arms 6 9P -2 SS 16m $15 Sniper Rifles
Shotgun Shotguns Long Arms 5 10P(f) +5 SS* 2b $8 Shotgun
Scattergun Heavy Pistol Pistol 4 9P(f) +4 SS* 2b $7 Remington Roomsweeper

SS* can burst fire by firing both barrels as a complex action giving a -1 to defense modifiers

Ammo Box of 50 Cost
Light Revolver $2
Heavy Revolver/Derringer/Shotgun $3
Carbine/Light Rifle $4
Heavy Rifle $5

1 Argent bullet costs the equivalent of 50 regular bullets of the appropriate type

Item Cost
Beer $0.10
Wine $0.25
Dragon’s Breath $0.50
Meal $0.50
Room $0.75
Private Room $1.00
Entertainment $2.00
Lengthy Entertainment $10.00

A Fistful of Karma

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