Members (est.): unknown
Dues: unknown
Areas of expertise: Technology and magic

This group is dangerous and feared by most average citizens as well as the corps. The society is socially open, and they aren’t terribly strict on who can and can’t join, or the limitations on beliefs of their members. The group includes both Awakened and Emerged individuals. I’ll admit my knowledge of technomancers is limited, but I am not biased by popular opinion. Evil is in the man, not the power. Having a closely knit group with individuals who can manipulate all the planes—astral, physical, and Matrix—is the thing of nightmares for the powerless corporate wageslave, and even for his masters.

I haven’t gotten very close, but the information I have says this society accepts Awakened from all walks of life as well as technomancers. They have groups for both initiatory and submersion rites for their members. I have heard the rumors of technomages but have seen no proof of their existence in the real world.

  • I scour the freak nodes often, and the closest I’ve seen is rumors of a runner named Zero Cool. Nothing ever claimed by him, but others have mentioned he has adept and techno abilities. He disappeared in Africa awhile back.
  • District 9


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