Blood Magic



Sacrifice is the metamagic technique that defines a magician as following the path of Blood. In essence, it is the ability to draw magical power from the act of inflicting harm on another living being, with sentient beings generating the most amount of power. Blood magic in all its forms is universally derided by other practitioners of magic. Sacrifice is an exclusive metamagic technique that can only be learned from another magician of the same tradition who already knows it, or from a spirit that knows it. It can never be self-taught.

In order to use Sacrifice, the magician must inflict Physical damage on another living thing, using a melee weapon that draws blood. The drawing of living blood is the powerful symbol that generates raw magical power referred to as Blood Magic Points. To do this the magician makes a standard melee attack using the weapon. If the target is able to defend themselves they may do so, but if they cannot resist (due to being restrained, for example) then the attack is unopposed. Additionally, if the victim is restrained and unable to defend themselves, the magician receives a +4 dice pool bonus on their attack.

While any living creature can be used, the magic is more powerful when harm is inflicted on sapient creatures, especially the unwilling. If damage is inflicted on a living creature without the Sapience power or the victim is willing (such as the magician themselves), then every 3 boxes of Physical damage inflicted generates one Blood Magic Point. If damage is inflicted on a Sapient critter or unwilling metahuman victim, then every 1 box of Physical damage generates one Blood Magic Point. Spirits can never be used as victims, even if they possess a living body.

If not used, Blood Magic Points are lost after the following Combat Turn. Blood Magic Points generated by the act of Sacrifice can then be used in any of the following ways, in any combination:

  • Increase the Force of a spell being cast by one per Point; this can exceed twice the caster’s Magic Rating.
  • Increase the caster’s Magic Rating for the purposes of determining if the spell’s drain is Physical or Stun, by one per Point.
  • Reduce the amount of Drain the spell inflicts by one per Point, to a minimum of 0.
  • Store any number of Points in an athame focus (see Athame).
  • Summon a Blood Spirit (see Blood Spirits).


Adepts and mystic adepts who follow the path of blood may learn a unique metamagic technique related to Sacrifice. When using Cannibalize, the adept draws blood from a victim and then consumes it to gain a measure of power. In game terms, the adept inflicts physical damage on a willing or unwilling victim exactly as per the Sacrifice metamagic to generate Blood Magic Points. The adept can then increase a physical attribute by 1 for every 3 Blood Magic Points they spend, up to the individual’s augmented maximum in that attribute.

The same or different attributes may be increased in any combination with one Simple Action. This increase lasts (Magic x initiate grade) Combat Turns, but if the adept immediately spends Karma equal to the total number of attribute points increased, the duration is increased to (Magic x initiate grade) days.

Prerequisite: Cannibalize

Power Bleed is an advanced metamagic technique that builds upon the Cannibalize power. Power Bleed
functions the same as Cannibalize, except that instead of generating 3 Blood Magic Points, the adept can siphon one critter or adept power possessed by the victim (if they have one), and may then use this power as if it were their own. The effect lasts for (Magic x initiate grade) Combat Turns, but the adept may immediately spend 3 Karma to extend the duration to (Magic x initiate grade) days.

Blood Magic

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