American Adventures

 Allan, André, Grace, Roy

 • Pay: 14K (3500 each) wired middle of the night Oct 21st
 • Pay: 18K (4500 each) wired at 4pm on Oct 24th
 • Karma: 4 each
 • Phone number from the woman at Grand Salon (André only)

New and Potential Contacts
 • Rosenberg (mysterious Johnson)
   Connection: ?   Loyalty: ?   Expertise: Stuff
 • Chelsea (Montreal Call-girl)
   Connection: 2   Loyalty: 1   Expertise: Montreal clubs, drugs, etc

New Enemies
 • Charles Kruger (Maine Legislator)
 • Deborah Sanderson (Maine Legislator)
 • Maya Sanderson (3 year old child)

American Adventures

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