Alien Artifact

It is believed an alien artifact, called the Astranomicon, was lost during the aliens initial crash landing. The capabilities of the artifact is unknown, but recovery of the artifact appears to have initially been the alien’s top priority. That focus has shifted towards the capture and study of technomancers in recent years.

From what we have been able to gather the artifact has a safety mechanism. The artifact seeks to be split up when not controlled by a powerful enough psychic. Finding an futuristic alien ray gun should be easy, however the artifact appears to possess the ability to camouflage itself by transforming into other objects.

We believe assensing the artifact astrally might be the only way of identifying the idividual pieces at this point.

A recent email suggests that a piece of the artifact may be for sale at an auction in Lagos in the comng months. Our operative did not get a good look at the object for sale, but reported it as having an extremely powerful astral signature. Our lack of knowledge and resources in Lagos precludes forcefully taking the artifact.

Alien Artifact

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