Winston Kani

Street Doc in Cape Town under the name Vanian


Connection Rating: 3
Active Skills (dice): Cybertechnology (12), First Aid (11), Medicine (13), Negotiation (7), Perception (10), Pistols (6)
Knowledge Skills (dice): Biology (12), Medical Advances (10), Organleggers (8), Psychology (9), Smugglers (7)
Uses: Surgery, medical care, drugs, previously owned cyber and bioware
Places to Meet: Community clinic, home clinic

Known Alias: Vanian

He buys and sells used cyber and bioware no questions asked.



An old army buddy of André.

Winston occasionally works part-time in a community clinic. He primarily runs his own unlicensed clinic where he does cosmetic surgery and body mods and patches up wounds for people who don’t want to draw attention from the authorities. His clinic is wedged between a butcher shop that looks like nirvana for six-legged livestock and an all-night erotisense parlor.

(Photo: Thembinkosi Motlhabane)

Winston Kani

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