Kungawo Azikiwe

Cape Town Street Boy


Faction: None
Connection Rating: 1
Key Active Skills: Con (Fast Talk), Navigation, Negotiation
Knowledge Skills: Combat Biker, Cape Town Underground, Urban
Brawl, Urban Legends
Uses: Rumors, Information, Tour Guide
Places to Meet: Tourist Sites


Kungawo’s parents were once middle class citizens chipheads who weren’t able to deal with their declining fortunes. One day they jacked in, and never jacked back out, leaving Kungawo on his own. Despite his tender age of only 9, he’s seen some of the worst humanity has to offer, and it hasn’t crushed his spirits yet. He’s got the enthusiasm of youth, and he’s well-liked by many of the Cape Town’s residents and is a common sight around tourist areas where he offers his services up as a tour guide.

Kungawo Azikiwe

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