Erin Dreyfuss


Connections Rating: 2

3 3 3 3 4 4 3 6 5 6 6

Initiative: 6 + 1D6
Condition Monitor: 10

Limits: Physical 4, Mental 5, Social 8
Armor: 12
Active Skills: Artisan 7, Computer 4, Con 3, Cracking skill group 3, Etiquette 4, First Aid 2, Gymnastics 3, Palming 4, Perception 2, Performance 4, Pistol 1, Running 4, Sneaking 5, Software 5, Tasking skill group 3, Blades 2

Knowledge Skills: Antique Games 9, Cosplay 10, Gaming Companies 7, Gaming Culture 7, Gaming Products 7
Languages: English N
Qualities: Born Rich, Distinctive Style (Cosplayer), Focused Concentration 1, Inspired (Artisan), Natural Hardening, Nerdrage, Prejudiced 2 (Outspoken, Bullies), SINner (SA), Solid Rep (Cosplay Circles), Spike Resistance 1
Gear*: Armor jacket [chemical protection 4, concealable holster, pulse weave 3], glasses [Rating 4 w/ flare compensation, image link, low light, vision magnification (electronic)], Hermes Ikon commlink (DR 5)

Living Persona: Attack 6, Data Processing 4, Device Rating 6, Sleaze 3, Firewall 4
Complex Forms: Resonance Spike, Static Bomb, Static Veil, Transcendent Grid
Registered Sprites: Fault Sprite (Level 6, Tasks 4)

Yamaha Pulsar [Taser, Acc 5, DV 7S (e), AP –5, SA, RC —, 4(m), w/ eight darts]

*Note: this is just the gear she tends to have on hand. If she needs something, Aaron usually gets it for her.


The younger of the twins, Erin is the personification of a free spirit. Endlessly upbeat, outgoing, bombastic, and perky, she loves to live life and will try anything once, especially when it comes to games. She has a particular love for antique board and card games. Aside from her personality, what sets Erin apart from most is her choice of clothing. For Erin, every day is an excuse to cosplay. With her attention to detail and dedication to her craft, Erin has begun to earn a reputation within cosplay and convention circles. The only time she ever seems calm and at peace is when she is creating a new costume.

Although she comes across as flighty, scatterbrained, or vapid, Erin is very wise. She knows her brother Aaron was just as hurt when their mother left them years ago and protecting her is his way of dealing with it. She lets him because she thinks it’s sweet, and because he’s her brother. When she found out about her technomancer abilities, Erin thought of it as just another part of herself. While Aaron is more likely to study his abilities, Erin has a very laissezfaire attitude about them. In fact, the only time she does use them is during times of extreme stress or when she (or someone she cares about) is threatened. Then her abilities are used like a weapon.

It’s also the only time when Erin becomes truly scary.

Erin Dreyfuss

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