Erik Dreyfuss


Government Officials, Advertising, Law

3 3 5 3 3 3 4 4 4 5

Initiative: 8 + 1D6
Condition Monitor: 10
Limits: Physical 5, Mental 5, Social 5
Armor: 7

Active Skills: Acting skill group 4, Computer 5, Etiquette 5, First Aid 2, Leadership 6, Negotiation 6, Perception 4, Pilot Ground Craft 3, Pistols 3, Running 3, Swimming 3, Unarmed Combat 2, Blades 3

Knowledge Skills: Advertising/Marketing 8, Business Operations 8, Business Science 7, Copyright Law 7,
Corporate Law 8, Gaming Companies 9, Gaming Culture 10, Gaming Products 9

Languages: Aztlaner Spanish 2, Chinese 2, English N,German 4, Japanese 4

Qualities: Addiction (Moderate, Gaming), Allergy(Common, Pollen), Analytical Mind, College Education, Legendary Rep 2 (Gaming Industry), Lightweight,Perceptive 2

Augmentations: Cerebral booster 1, datajack, Fuchi Cyber-X7 (DR 7), mnemonic enhancer 2, reception enhancer, sleep regulator

Gear: Ace of Spades jacket [chemical protection 3, fire resistance 3, concealable holster] AR gloves, camera [Rating4 w/ image link, low-light, vision enhancement 1, vision magnification (electric)], data tap, Doc Wagon contract (Platinum), earbuds [Rating 3 w/audio enhancement 2, select sound filter 1], glasses [Rating 4 w/ flare compensation, image link, low-light, vision enhancement 1], High Lifestyle (4 Months), holo-projector, maglock passkey (Rating 5), medkit (Rating 3), sim module, sim module (modified for hot-sim), simrig, trauma patch (x2), trid projector, white noise generator (Rating 3)

Colt L-36 [light pistol, Acc 7 (8), DV 7P, AP –1, SA, RC —, 11 ©, w/ laser sight, gel rounds]


Hailing from an ultra-rich, old-money family in Cape Town, Erik Dreyfuss never wanted for a single thing in his life, except acceptance. Unfortunately money could not buy him friends or the adulation he truly desired. After college, he had nothing to do as he waited for his father to die so he could take over the family law firm. During this time, his mother also became very protective of her only son. So, to deal with the boredom of his life, Erik turned to the shadows.

It went over as well as one would expect, but he somehow managed not to get killed. Eventually his parents died, and Erik took over the family holdings (and somehow didn’t suck at it) and decided to go legit like a runner who made good (and fooled no one, but the shadow community was glad to see him go). He still held on to several contacts (generally shadow-folk who occasionally bilked him for money) and fancied himself as a sort of fixer.

When the twins were born, he settled into life as pseudo-parent and gave his kids the best care money could buy. Despite going legit, Erik still held on to most of his running gear but has recently taken a keen interest in melee weapons.

At heart, Erik is a decent guy, but is just a bit clueless and easily distracted. He likes anything that will cure his boredom, which is how he became friends with Louis Gilbertson. A somewhat likable doofus, Erik likes to tell stories of his time in the shadows, with him of course as the role of slick veteran runner.

He is currently dating Erin Scott.

Erik Dreyfuss

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