Bryan Daniels

Former author, screenwriter, porn star and English Professor


Personal Data

Metatype Human Ethnicity Caucasian Nationality American
Height 5’10” Weight 150 lbs. Sex Male Age 45
Public Awareness 0 Street Cred 0 Lifestyle Low (1 month) Nuyen 11420¥


Body 3 Agility 3 Reaction 2 Strength 2
Willpower 6 Logic 5 Intuition 4 Charisma 4
Edge 5 Essence 6 Magic 6
Initiative 6 + 1d6 Matrix Init 6 + 1d6 Astral Init 8 + 2d6 Movement 6/12/+2
Mental Limit 7 Physical Limit 3 Social Limit 7 Defense 6
Composure 10 Judge Intent 8 Memory 11 Lift/Carry/Dice 30/20/5


Name Rating Total Name Rating Total Name Rating Total
Spellcasting (Man/Combat) +2 6 12 Counterspell (Man) 5 11 Ritual 1 7
Perception 3 7 (8 or 10) Assensing 3 7 Astral Combat 1 7
Arcana 4 9 Artificing 1 7 Club 1 4
Con (+2) 5 11 Impersonation 5 9 Performance 1 5
First Aid 1 6 Computers 2 7
Gymnastics 1 4 Running 1 4 Swimming 1 4
Banishing 1 7 Binding 1 7 Summoning 1 7
Etiquette 1 5 Leadership 1 5 Negotiation 1 5
Disguise 1 5 Palming 1 4 Sneaking 1 4
Magic Theory 5 10 Literature 5 10 History 3 8
Movies 3 8 Geography 2 7
English N Hindi 1 6 Mandarin 1 6
Spanish 1 6


Name Notes
Focused Concentration Rating 5 (Force 5 spell)
Raven Mentor Spirit Make a Charisma + Willpower (3) Test to avoid exploiting someone else’s misfortune to your own advantage or to pull a clever trick or prank even if it’s to the disadvantage of your friends.
Code of Honor Women & Children
Gremlins 1 Rank
Incompetent /w Firearms
Initiation Grade 1 Centering (arcane gestures) +1 dice (or +3 /w focus) on drain tests


Contact Description Connection Loyalty Contact Description Connection Loyalty
Noel Gallagher Rock star 4 3 Mianda Nkanyezi Talismonger 3 2
Liz DocWagon, Security 4 1


Renraku Sensei [Rating 3] Certified credstick (silver) DocWagon Uniform, Cap and Vest (over armor)
Magical Lodge [Rating 3] 30 reagents Centerering Focus (gold chain) [Force 2]
Fake Tazer and Stun Baton Glasses /w Image Link Fake ID [Rating 4, Freedom Hawkins]
Gandalf Outfit /w Wig Leather hat and chaps Earbud [C3 Audio enhance R3]
6 pistol clips (gel rounds) 4 taser clips Glasses [C4, low-light, flare comp, image link, vision enhance R1]


Berwick Suit [AR 9, Nonconductivity R5] Armor Vest [AR 9]
Argentum Greatcoat [AR12/+4 /w Electrochromic mod, ChemProt R5 FireRes R5, Insulation R4] Helmet [Rating +2]
Armor Jacket [AR 12, ChemProt R3, FireRes R3, Insulation R3, Nonconductivity R3]
Stun Baton [Reach 1, Acc 4, 9S(e), AP -5] Unarmed [Reach 0, Accuracy 4, Damage 2S]
Staff [Reach 2, Acc 6, 5P] Ares Predator V [Acc 5(7), 8P, AP -1, SA, Ammo 15©]
Telescoping staff [Reach 2, Acc 4, 4P] Defiance EX Shocker [Acc 4, 9S(e), AP –5, SS, Ammo 4 (m)]


Physical 0 0 -1 -1 -1 -2 -2 -2 -3 -3
Stun 0 0 -1 -1 -1 -2 -2 -2 -3 -3 -3
Overflow 0 0 0
Natural Recovery (heals 1 box / hit) Physical 4 dice (1 days) Stun 7 dice (1 hour)


Combat: Mana Bolt, Ball Lightning, Stun Ball, Stun Bolt
Detection: Clairvoyance, Mind Probe
Health: Heal, Increase Reflexes, Stabilize
Manipulation: Armor, Influence, Levitate, Mob Mind

Mana Bolt (Combat, Direct) Type: M Range: LOS Damage: P Duration: I Drain: F – 3
Manabolt channels destructive magical power into the target, doing Physical damage. The damage inflicted is similar to massive cellular die off from radiation or necrotizing fasciitis, but without the continuing effects. Spells in this group only affect living and magical targets and are resisted with Willpower.

Ball Lightning (Combat, Indirect, elemental) Type: P Range: LOS (A) Damage: P Duration: I Drain: F – 1
These spells create and direct vicious strikes of electricity that cause Electricity damage (p. 170).

Stun Bolt (Combat, Direct) Type: M Range: LOS Damage: S Duration: I Drain: F – 3
Stun Ball (Combat, Direct) Type: M Range: LOS (A) Damage: S Duration: I Drain: F
This spell channels magical energy directly into the target, causing Stun damage. Can only affect living targets.

Clairvoyance (Detection, Passive, Directional) Type: M Range: T Duration: S Drain: F – 3 The subject can see distant scenes as if physically present at a chosen point within the sensory range of the spell. The visual point may be moved to any other point within range of the spell as a Complex Action. The subject can’t use normal vision or astral perception while using Clairvoyance. This spell doesn’t translate sound, only vision, and it doesn’t work with augmented vision. You can’t target spells through Clairvoyance.

Mind Probe (Detection, Active, Directional) Type: M Range: T Duration: S Drain: F
This spell allows the subject to telepathically probe the mind of a specific target within range of the sense (chosen when the spell is cast). The target is aware of the probing, though they may not know the source of the spell. The number of net hits you get on the spell determines what kind of information the subject can read, given on the table. The subject may probe for one piece of information per Complex Action while the spell is sustained. Additional uses of Mind Probe against the same target within a number of hours equal to the target’s Willpower inflict a –2 dice pool modifier on the Spellcasting attempt. 1–2 hits → Surface thoughts only. 3–4 hits → Conscious thoughts and recent memories (up to 72 hours). 5+ hits → The subject can probe the target’s subconscious, gaining information of which the target may not even be consciously aware.

Heal (Health, Essence) Type: M Range: T Duration: P Drain: F – 4
Heal repairs physical injuries. It heals a number of boxes of Physical damage equal to the spell’s hits from the Spellcasting Test. Hits can also be used to reduce the base time for the spell to become permanent; each hit spent this way shaves off 1 Combat Turn (you can split hits between healing and reducing time). Any boxes of Physical damage your target still has after any boxes are healed magically can only be healed by time and rest.

Increase Reflexes (Health, Essence) Type: P Range: T Duration: S Drain: F
This spell increases the initiative of a subject. Each hit rolled on the Spellcasting Test adds +1 to the target’s Initiative, and every two hits adds one Initiative Die. Maximum Initiative Dice anyone can have is +5D6.

Stabilize (Health) Type: M Range: T Duration: P Drain: F – 4
When applied to a character with a filled Physical damage track, this spell stabilizes all vital functions and prevents the character from dying. The spell’s Force must equal or exceed the overflow damage already taken when the spell starts. The full time must be taken for the spell to become permanent before the character is truly stabilized; hits reduce the time it takes by 1 Combat Turn each. If successful, the spell prevents the character from taking further damage from Physical Damage Overflow (p. 209).

Armor (Man, Physical) Type: P Range: LOS Duration: S Drain: F – 2
This spell creates a glowing field of magical energy around the subject that protects against Physical Damage. It provides Armor equal to the hits scored and is cumulative with other armor.

Influence (Man, Mental) Type: M Range: LOS Duration: P Drain: F – 1
You implant a single suggestion in the victim’s mind, like a powerful post-hypnotic command. For example, you might have your target think that he should let you past a locked door. The target carries out this suggestion as if it were his own idea. If confronted with the wrongness of the suggestion, the subject can attempt to overcome it using the rules for overcoming mental manipulations (p. 292). In any case, the suggestion fades naturally after a number of minutes equal to your net hits.

Levitate (Man, Physical) Type: P Range: LOS Duration: S Drain: F – 2
Levitate allows you to telekinetically lift a person or object and move it around. You have to beat a threshold equal to the subject’s mass divided by 200 kilograms, rounded up. The subject of the spell can be moved anywhere in your line of sight at a movement rate equal to the spell’s Force in meters per Combat Turn. If you’re trying to levitate an item held by a living being, or levitate an unwilling living being, that being can defend against the Spellcasting Test with Strength + Body.

Mob Mind (Man, Mental) Type: M Range: LOS Duration: S Drain: F + 1
The magician attempts to seize control of the minds of all living targets within range, directing everything the targets think. The magician mentally gives commands with a Standard Action, and the target is compelled to obey as if it were his own idea. Each target may be manipulated individually (with separate actions) or issued the same command as a group (with a single action).


 Bryan Daniels

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